Tiger Woods

The Most Legendary Golfers

Throughout history, we’ve witnessed numerous golfers create history and contribute towards making the sport popular as it is today. It goes without saying that there are millions of golf fans from all around the world these days thanks to the golfers.
With that being said, we wanted to take some time out and name our personal 3 best golfers to ever live. We are also going to share one interesting piece of research that we’ve come across and it concerns the golf fans. Without any further ado, let’s check the details.

The Research

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Now, let’s check out personal picks as the best golfers of all time.

Patty Berg

Coming at number 3, we have Patty Berg. After winning 29 amateur titles, Patty decided to turn pro in 1940. The most impressive fact about her is that during WWII, she was a Lieutenant in the Marines, but still found the time to win two major titles. After the war ended, her full focus was on golf and managed to write history. She has won over 60 women’s events between 1937 and 1962. Additionally, when the LPGA was founded, Patty Berg was the president of the organization that preceded it.

Jack Nicklaus

At number 2, we have one of the golfers that have set the highest standards in the sport. Jack Nicklaus’ trophy cabinet is so big, he probably needed another house to fit them all. Throughout his career, he had a total of 115 victories worldwide, 18 professional majors, 73 PGA Tour victories, two US Amateurs, and 10 Champions Tour trophies. Jack impact on the sport is unforgettable, which is why he earned the second spot on our list.

Tiger Woods

Finally, we have the best golfer of the modern era. Not only is Tiger Woods the most successful golfer these days, but he is also one of the highest earners in sport. He has been listed as the highest-earning athlete several times throughout his career. But, apart from the money figures, he’s also got numerous great golf figures under his belt. They include 97 worldwide wins, 14 major championships, 3 US Amateurs, 71 PGA Tour victories, and career three Grand Slams.

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